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Hello everybody!!!


It’s been almost 3 months since I started the Open Xml Account at Twitter.  We are now 52 members including the following fellows who recently joined:

  • jasonharrop
  • znarknesor
  • jassand
  • DavidMarsolek
  • edmunbolton

Thanks a lot for joining and please spread the world about this initiative.


I’m also very happy to know that and already have their Twitter accounts (OpenXmlDev and OpenXmlComm respectively).  We are following them of course!!! :D


Finally (for this post) I want to list the most recent entries:

·         RT @dmahugh Graphical example of code reduction when moving from System.IO.Packaging to the Open XML SDK.

·         Looking for an entry inside an SpreadsheetML document by using LINQ

·         Comparison of Navigating Parts between System.IO.Packaging and the Open XML SDK

·         Retweeting @OpenXMLDev: new library article - see how to create a spreadsheet with formatting using PHPExcel SDK

·         Adjusted ECMA 376 schemas

·         Retrieving Word Content Based on Styles (post at Brian Jones blog)

·         RT @dmahugh ODF spreadsheet interoperability blog post:

·         Retweeting @OpenXMLDev: Simple OOXML Library available on Codeplex.  Create Word and Excel XML easily

·         Converting Content Controls to Straight Text in WordProcessingML documents

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